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Last updated: 1 January 2007

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Our Family From Newfoundland
My complete work of Chipman Genealogy - 167 Pages! Please read over what I have and contact me with any errors or updates you have (if you would like to have your line added). A good Genealogists lets others review their work. In the future (after others have looked at this), I plan of making an Addendum to "Our Family from Newfoundland" and an Index. Enjoy.

Our Family from Newfoundland

Chipman Notes
These are three files of 'Notes' I composed from NF Genweb (Currently unavailable as I am transferring to Tripod from Geocities). I plan on putting up more info as I get them organized.

Chipman Genealogy Harbour Grace

Newfoundland Parish Records St. John Parish

Newfoundland Gen Books

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